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Dec. 11th, 2009 | 05:26 pm
location: Home.
mood: accomplished accomplished
music: Nothing right now

I no longer use this account anymore.
Now I use:


So yeah. This is my new one.

How to Stay Twilight-Safe

Aug. 27th, 2009 | 11:26 am
location: Home
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: GallowS - Classic Barth

I'm not positive weither any serious attacks have happened in BC (or generally Canada)
But there have been many, some claiming lives, in the United States of America.
Twilight Obsessed Retards; commonly known as Twitards have invaded the US
and is quickly preying on the innocents that does not read Twilight.
Since Twilight have become widely known and popular, I have not been attacked or threatened in anyway at school.
Which means the fans have not gone from an average movie fan
to a squash-brained zombie state of the horrible twitards.
Maybe the Canadian fans already did, but I have not seen any in my summer vacation so I can't be sure.
If there was a twilight attack, I wonder if it will be placed on the news.
They're so horrifying. What's super great about this vampire guy Edward Cullen?
He's uglier than a piece of shit.
Not even close to a vampire in Vampire Knight. (sorry, but i find this as a good example that is true)
Okay went off a bit.
Anyway, the point of this entry is how to stay Twilight-Safe.
So here's some description that may help you spot a twitard:

1.  twitard
pronounced twi-tard

One who takes fandom of Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, to a level of or beyond obsession.

They often flames forum postings trying to defend the book, regardless whether the book was being critiqued negatively or not. They are also prone to using all caps, not checking their spelling/grammar, jumping to conclusions, falling in love with Edward, and biting people's heads of for just saying they didn't like the book.
They're worse than a rabid fan girl or a Narutard : it's a Twitard

2. Twitard

An obsessive fan of the Twilight book series or movie. Can be anywhere from ages 10-40.
"I wish those Twitards would shut up about that travesty of a book!"

3. twitard

"Damn twitard pulled a knife on my granny all because she had never heard of Edward Cullen. WTF? "

I hope you get a few ideas what a twitard may look or act like.
The 3rd Description was a good one. It named a few attacks already.
So, since you know how to identify a twitard.
You need to know how to avoid and when needed, defend yourself.
These were also taken from Urban Dictionary and does not belong to me either.

(1) When approaching a Twitard, do not move silent and graceful for they will assume you are a vampire, squeel with joy while they wait for you to sparkle and possibly pounce on you with zillions of pointless questions that God doesn't even know the answer to. So move loudly, very obnoxious and this will make them walk away quickly. They rather much prefer those who are silent and mysterious, much like Eddiekins.

(2) One of their attacks is to turn you into a Twitard. When this is about to happen, take out your Anti-Twilight sword and decapitate them.

(3) Always carry Anti-Twitard spray around you. You can never be sure when one will spring out of nowhere(no doubt trying to act vampire-like) and attack.

(4) You can always use this threat:
"Move away slowly or I'll go straight to the Volturi and you'll be dead meat!" They are so gullible, they will believe you and, wanting to keep their Twitarded life, will obey and "vanish."

(5) Make sure you have your Twitard Radar. Twitards are everywhere, even in disguises.

(6) If a Twitard is approaching you and their mouth starts to foam, point off in another direction, opposite you, and shout: "Hey look! A SILVER VOLVO!" That Twitard will blank out and dart in the direction you pointed, still going in that direction when they don't see the silver volvo, in the hopes that it will magically appear.

(7) If they ever pin you down and are about to read, take out your handy-dandy Anti-Twilight Lighter and Gasoline packet. While they begin that first horrid sentence, plug your ears up while discreetly pouring the gasoline on the book. Now when the Anti-Twilight gasoline touches the pages, it should sizzle and bubble up. The Twitard will jump off you and then you jump up and toss your lighter onto the book. It will light up in flames and once the book is destroyed, that Twitard will be free of the evil spell cast by Meyer. Although that Ex-Twitard will have to go to Therapy, you've done your job in saving another human. If you do this and the Twitard foams green, there's no saving him/her. You must immediately distract them with their weakness--The Caveman! So either you yell that Edward is nearby or take out a picture of him. The Twitard will be frozen, drooling a bit while staring at him or searching for Eddiekins. During this you must act quick. Walk away slowly and stand somewhere that is filled with lots of light. The Twitard will assume that they are either a vampire that "sparkles" or that Mr. Sparkle Caveman will be with them and since they would hate for their dear Edward to be exposed, they won't go after you.

Have a Good Day and Night.

A twitard is an obsessed fan of the suck ass vampire series Twilight.

Twitards are dangerous. Many have attacked innocent people all for saying they didn't like Twilight.

If you see a twitard, act with caution. They may pull a knife on you, throw acid in your face, hit you with Twilight itself across the face and scratch your eyes out, just to name a few attacks that have happened.

Brother Rant

Aug. 15th, 2009 | 06:45 pm
location: The Princess's Room
mood: frustrated frustrated
music: Aoi Yume

Damn it.
I am ranting about my brother now.
Like, he is litterally homosexual!
I mean, he still can't sleep alone. When he is grade 4
And scared of bugs so bad.
And thinks so wrong.
Fucking annoying.
Atleast not as bad as Fran's Brother.
I don't get it.
He still can't wipe his own butt either.
I bet he has ADD.
Maybe even ADHD!
Although he could be useful sometimes.
But fucking annoying for all the stupid things I dislike.
And plus, he plays on his DS for almost 24/7.
Atleast he plays REBORN! now too.
I approve of 24/7 REBORN! DS spree. :D

It's YOUR Problem, Not mine, That I am Gay.

Aug. 14th, 2009 | 03:38 pm
location: Home
mood: Pain Pain
music: Kazuki Kato? - EASY GO

Hauuu~ I had a minor surgery aga in.
On my toe.
It hurts so much.
Okay, maybe not that much PAIN. But it feels super numb and stingy.
I had both sides of my nail removed.
Because it was growing into my skin.
And I had a secton of skin cut off because it was going to slow the healing down.
GAHHH, and also the roots of the removed portion of my nail were BURNED to kill the cells from growing again.
SOBSOBSOB, mugiii~ My mom better hurry with the tylenol.
I'm not sure of what the title is, so ignore my subject.
I really like this poem I randomly found on google.
It's by a guy named Dan Brown.
And just in case, no I am not a homosexual.
Or am I? JKJK

What do you see
when you look at me?
A disgusting, sinful boy?
Or a suitably convenient decoy?
Do you see sickness?
Or do you see bravery?
A man being different and
fighting the straight-world slavery?
When I look at you,
I’ll tell you what I see.
I see someone scared,
Anxious and under-prepared.

I see someone terrified of difference,
wildly in love with blandness,
with a contorted affection for sameness.

I see a person battling with the crowbar
that is trying to pries their
small mind o p e n.
It is you who is different, my friend,
for you are one of few who cannot accept.

You are the newest entrant to that most
quickly diminishing group around the globe.
You are, my friend, a hateful homophobe.

And I think you should know, my friend,
that no matter what you think and say,
I couldn’t care less at the end of the day,




It’s your problem, not mine, that I’m gay.

Arcobaleno Pacifiers

Aug. 12th, 2009 | 11:53 am
location: In the Prince's Closet
mood: excited excited
music: Mammon - Maboroshi no Arcobaleno

Ah geesh. I didn't post for 94327953290876 years.
Anyway, I don't have much to say.
Last time I posted was I think last month?
Oh whatever, I hate remembering about that friggin food poisoning.
Did I mention that I got a chance to buy some REBORN! stuff?
Anyway, I'm getting the 7 Arcobaleno Pacifier set PLUS the 2 Secret Ones!
Yay~ So happy~
But I need to wait til August 28th.
I want to wait, yet I can't.
Because of school.
I really don't want to go back.
I will die. That horrible place.
The horrible teachers.
It is CRAP!
The only good thing I like about school is:
Seeing my friends, BAND, and that the grade 8s.
-sob- -sob- -sob-
*Goes huddle in the Emo Corner*
AH, but anyway.
Here is a picture of the Arcobaleno Pacifiers I will be getting:

The Picture that would be on those Gachapon machines

The Set of Gachapons I will be getting.
The Gray One with Black Swirls in it is one of the secret ones.
It belongs to the Suppose-to-Be Arcobaleno "Lal Mirch".
The Silver One with Chains on it is the other secret one.
It belongs to Viper, he hides the Pacifier using Mamon Chains.
So other Arcobaleno won't sense him.
Basically, this pacifier is Mammon's.
When Viper is in disquise when he is in the Varia's.
I don't know if I explained that right, I bet it was confusing.
Otherwise, another look at the pacifiers.
And Better View of the Secret 2.

You can see the chains on Mammon's Pacifier better.
And the Swirls on Lal Mirch's.

Draw with Me...

Jul. 28th, 2009 | 08:41 pm
location: Home
mood: artistic artistic
music: Otsuka Ai - Cherish

This video is amazing.
I absolutely love it.
Want to share it here.
... I haven't posted for long.
Anyway I was sick.
Food Poisoning agian.
Damn it.

Back From Play Land (And this meeting thing with my mom)

Jul. 18th, 2009 | 10:39 pm
location: Home
mood: Evil Evil
music: The wellknown "nana...nana.." Shark Theme in my head 83

Uh, I came back?
Anyway, I don't have enough time to post pictures or videos up right now.
So, I just did this quiz and got the GREAT WHITE!!!



Any Male Readers I recommend you to read this

Jul. 16th, 2009 | 09:06 pm
location: Home
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Some Dramatic Music from ROOKIES live action Drama

Rules to not being a jerk

1. Give girls attention. No matter how much you don’t like her, you have to give her some in order to keep your reputation up.

2. NEVER TALK ABOUT THE GIRL’S WEIGHT  Do that and it’s one painful slap across the face.

3. Girls are very self-conscious. Please don’t talk about how their body would look better it’s sick and it could result in depression depending on the girl’s sensitiveness.

4. NEVER PISS OFF A GIRL. Trust me, they have weapons of fury. When you make them angry, the girl will reveal her skill of kicking you in the crotch.

5. Listen to the girl. She might have something she was dying to say all day to you. It will make her really happy.

6. Don’t talk about sick stuff. She will be grossed out and could result in her staying away. This means don’t be a pervert, the girl will not enjoy it…Unless, they are sluts.

7.  If you like the girl you are hanging out with, don’t change anything. Right now you are good friends with her. Keep it that way until you feel more comfortable to tell her your feelings. And who knows she might like you back.

8. When a girl tells you she likes or loves you she means it!!!! Don’t joke around saying yes and dumping her. Be honest and tell her if you like her back or not. Otherwise she’ll suffer some kind of breakdown if you tell her too late or you’ll lose her.


Got Glasses

Jul. 16th, 2009 | 07:38 pm
location: Home
mood: calm calm
music: Miyavi - Jibun Kakumei

Uh, yay~
I got glasses again.
I had contacts for an year, but they started t bother me.
So I went back to the glasses.
Nothing other to say much.
Did I mention that my rat died on Tuesday June 7th?
if I didn't, yeah it died we put it to sleep.
Because the tumor was getting too big.
And if it bursts it would hurt it more.
The depression got to me the most the day before yesterday.
I started crying when I read this book about rats at night.
I guess I kinda cried myself to sleep...

Gloomy Bear Photo

Jul. 12th, 2009 | 06:47 pm
location: Home
mood: blank blank
music: An Cafe - Natsukoi☆NatsuGAME

I got the Gloomy Bear.
But it's so small. D8
Small enough to sit in my palm!
Well, I still like it.
Maybe I will get a bigger plush later when I got more money.
Here's a picture of it: I took 10 of them, but yeah...too lazy.